Life Insurance

Grizzle Insurance Agency, Inc. is here to help you and your family prepare for the uncertainties of the future by helping you choose the right life insurance plan for your individual needs.

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  • Children's Life

Health Insurance

We are here to help you and your family prepare for all your health care needs before you need them.

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  • Short Term
  • Dental
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  • Medicare Supplements
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicare Part D Prescription Plans


Annuities are an excellent tool to help you plan for your financial security. Annuities offer a variety of benefits including tax-deferred growth, ability to avoid probate, and lifetime income.

Tax-Deferred Growth

Tax deferred growth allows your money to grow faster because you earn interest on dollars that would otherwise be paid in taxes. Your premium earns interest, the interest compounds within the contract, and the money you would have paid in taxes earns interest.

May Avoid Probate

Annuities offer the ability to name a beneficiary, which may minimize the expense, delays, and publicity that comes with probate. Your named beneficiary may receive death proceeds as either a lump sum or series of income payments.

Lifetime Income

The purchase of a tax-deferred annuity can provide you with a guaranteed income stream. You have the ability to choose from several different income options, including life or a specific period. With non-qualified plans, a portion of each income payment represents a return of premium that is not taxable, thus reducing your tax liabilities.

At Grizzle Insurance Agency, we understand that, depending on your individual situation, you need the ability to choose whatever type of annuity fits you best. You have the ability to choose:

  • Traditional Fixed Annuity - offers a declared fixed interest rate that is guaranteed for a specific period and guaranteed to never go below a specific interest rate.
  • Index Annuity - Interest rate credited to your annuity contract is linked to specific market indices that you can choose on an annual basis or every two years on the biennial options. Once the interest is credited, you are guaranteed that it can never go down based on future market fluctuations or downturns.
  • Immediate Annuity - You are guaranteed an income stream ranging from a specific period of time to your entire life. An immediate annuity offers a solution to the problem of outliving your money.


Fixed index annuities can provide you with an innovative mix of guarantees, choices, and flexibility such as:

  • Guarantees against loss of premium and previously collected credit
  • Potential to accumulate tax-deferred earnings with guaranteed compound interest
  • Interest crediting options tied to several diverse stock market indices
  • Penalty-free withdraws up to 10% after first year
  • Potential to avoid probate for loved ones with full Accumulation Value paid directly to your beneficiary upon death
  • Accepts new money and transfers funds from IRAs, 401(k)s, pension plans, etc. possibly without penalty